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March 24, 2013
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Cappy, our mascot, enjoys a quiet moment at a bed-and-breakfast the
morning of the Missouri State Championships!  (2/25/2012)
Tyler and Brandon and their coach at
a demonstration they gave to a group
of cub scouts earlier this year.  Here,
they are telling the kids about FIRST
Lego League.
Cafe Bot is a FIRST Tech
Challenge (FTC) high
school robotics team.  

FIRST is an acronym for
For Inspiration and
Recognition of Science and
Technology."  FIRST was
founded in 1989 by Dean
Kamen (inventor of the
Segway) to inspire students
to pursue careers in science
and engineering.  To learn
more about FIRST, be sure
to visit their website at

FIRST Tech Challenge is
one of four FIRST robotics
competitions.  FTC is
designed for students who
want to compete
head-to-head, using a sports
model.  Teams of up to ten
students are responsible for  
designing, building and
programming their robots to
compete in an alliance
format against other teams.
The TA11-M0CHA, from our 2011-2012 season.  This robot is excellent at
harvesting balls and then depositing them in crates.  It can also stack crates.  
It is extremely maneuverable and sports a holonomic drive.
Tyler and Brandon with their
2012-2013 Missouri Championship
Inspire Award trophy and banner.
The Manta, from our 2012-2013 season.