Illusions... with a Twist
We offer balloon sculptures customized to fit the venue.  
A menu board is always provided for the audience to
choose sculptures from.  Only the highest quality balloons
are used in conjunction with two professional floor pumps
to ensure a steady output of sculptures for the audience.

Please ensure proper adult supervision with younger
children. Do not place our balloon sculptures in or around
your mouth.  We do not recommend our balloon
sculptures for children under the age of 6.  

What we provide:
What we provide varies based on the venue but in general, you can expect the
Two (2) professionally attired balloon twisters
Professional quality menu board for the audience to choose balloons from
Professional quality twisting balloons
Two professional grade balloon floor pumps
Work stand to hold balloons/accessories
Music via amplifier/MD player available upon request
6' or 12' backdrop available upon request
Contact us by clicking
here to discuss your unique requirements

Venue requirements:
This varies based on the venue but in general, we request the following:
6' x '6 area without music via amplifier/MD player
6' x 12' area with music via amplifer/MD player
Access to electrical outlet for amplifier/MD player
Stanchions or table outside the 6' x '6 or 6 ' x 12' area to separate performers
from the audience
If venue is outside, adequate protection from the elements is required

Set up and break down time varies based on the venue but generally are 30
minutes each
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