Illusions... with a Twist
Kim playing a WX5 wind controller
Sound reinforcement by
Bose PAS system, image provided by Bose Corporation
Kim playing the flute
Robert playing the violin
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Bose logo and Personal Amplification System image courtesy of Bose Corporation, used with permission
AX-7 MIDI keyboard controller © Roland Corporation 2008
C1000S condenser microphone © AKG 2008
D-749 musician's stool and WS-540 stand © Quik-Lok 2008
MPX500 processor  © Lexicon Pro 2008
MS7701B mic stand and RS7000B amp stand © On-Stage Stands 2008
Nilton Studio Stand and Nilton Studio Stand Lamp © Nilton 2008
Patchman Turbo VL upgrade chip for Yamaha VL70-m  © Patchman Music 2008
QY700 MIDI sequencer, VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator and WX5 Wind MIDI Controller © Yamaha Corporation
Radio Shack Sound Level Meter © Radio Shack 2008
SKB-2219P mixer case, SKB-4214W keyboard case and SKB-XRack2 shallow rack case © SKB 2008
Studio Pro 1000 Instrument Cable © Monster Cable 2008
Bose logo, image provided by Bose Corporation
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Please be sure to visit our Flute & Violin Duet page as

Thanks to advances in music technology, we are able
to offer a variety of pops, big band and jazz music
with full backing instrumentation.
Acoustic only music,
balloon twisting and illusions are also available upon

Depending on the music selections, Kim performs
using a Wm.S. Haynes open-hole solid silver flute, an
olivewood Moeck soprano recorder, or a Yamaha
WX5 Wind MIDI Controller connected to a VL70-m
tone module with the absolutely phenomenal Turbo VL
Upgrade chip from
Patchman Music, allowing Kim to
realistically emulate practically any acoustic wind

Depending on the music selections, Robert performs
using a "modern" Italian violin, a 5-string electric violin
connected to a Lexicon MPX500 sound processor, an
Ovation MCS148 acoustic/electric mandolin
connected to a Lexicon MPX500 sound processor, or
a Roland AX-7 MIDI controller connected to a
Yamaha QY700 sequencer.

Backing instrumentation is provided via a Yamaha
QY700 sequencer.

For optimum sound quality, Monster Cable's Studio
Pro 1000 is our choice for instrument cables ensuring
minimal signal degradation and noise between our
instruments and the amplifier.  Additionally, we use a
Bose PAS amplification system with two stacked
base modules. The unique design of the Bose PAS
system allows us to evenly fill up to a 500 person
room with extremely clear, high quality sound without
deafening the listeners directly in front of the amplifier.
What we provide:
What we provide varies based on the venue but in general, you can expect
the following:
Two professionally attired and classically trained musicians with
professional world-class acoustic and electronic instruments
Music stands with light and extension cord
Microphones where necessary for our acoustic instruments
Professional grade amplification (we use our own, no exceptions)
12' backdrop available upon request
Contact us by clicking
here to discuss your unique requirements

Venue requirements:
This varies based on the venue but in general, we request the following:
Access to electrical outlet
6' x 12' area
Stanchions or some other barrier placed outside the 6' x 12' area,
where appropriate, to separate performers from the audience
If venue is outside, adequate protection from the elements is required

For performances over 1 hour in length, a 15-minute break will be taken
each hour
Set up time and take down time are both 45 minutes
Add 10 minutes to both set up and take down if a backdrop is required