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Robert, who received training at the Cleveland
Institute of Music, uses a "modern" Italian violin made
in 1931 coupled with a very nice French bow and an
Ovation MCS148 acoustic/electric mandolin.  Kim,
who has received training at the University of
Michigan, uses a Wm.S. Haynes open-hole solid silver
flute, a Yamaha piccolo, and an olivewood Moeck
soprano wooden recorder.

Robert regularly performed with a multitude of
professional groups including the Atlanta Pops
Orchestra, the Atlanta Ballet pit orchestra and the
Savannah Symphony as a member of the American
Federation of Musicians in Atlanta, Georgia.  Kimberly
routinely performed in Ann Arbor with a number of
orchestras and chamber ensembles, including pit
orchestras for the Gilbert & Sullivan Society and other
musicals produced locally.  She could also be seen
frequently on national television as piccolo player for
the University of Michigan basketball band.  

Robert and Kim currently perform with the American
Kantorei on the campus of Concordia Seminary.  

Seasonal, classical, jazz and easy listening selections
are available.  
Balloon twisting and illusions are also
available upon request.

What we provide:
What we provide varies based on the venue but in general, you can expect
the following:
Two professionally attired and classically trained musicians with
professional world-class instruments
Music stand with light and extension cord
Professional grade amplification available where necessary (we use our
own, no exceptions)
6' or 12' backdrop available upon request
Contact us by clicking
here to discuss your unique requirements

Venue requirements:
This varies based on the venue but in general, we request the following:
Two chairs without arms, preferably cushioned
Access to electrical outlet
6' x '6 area for non-amplified work
6' x 12' area for amplified work
Stanchions or some other barrier placed outside the 6' x 6' or 6' x 12' area,
where appropriate, to separate performers from the audience
If venue is outside, adequate protection from the elements is required

For performances over 1 hour in length, a 15-minute break will be taken
each hour
Set up time and take down time are both 15-minutes for non-amplified work
Add 10 minutes to both set up and take down for amplified work
Add 10 minutes to both set up and take down if a backdrop is required
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Kim with flute, robert with violin