Robert holding Bunbun
Bunbun is our rather large and
rotund rabbit.  We like him
because he's very docile and
tolerates children.  Bunbun's
likeness can be found on our
business card as well as the
top of every page of this web

When Bunbun isn't performing
with Illusions With A Twist, he's
either in his spacious
Marchioro Luna 102 rabbit
hutch consuming huge
quantities of premium hay and
premium bunny diet, running
around supervised in the living
room, or sitting on Robert's lap.
 Bunbun travels to and from
performances in a Pet Zone
Cuddle-N-Carry Pet Basket.  
Keeping Bunbun's travel basket and hutch clean involves the use of a premium rabbit litter
in the trays which is regularly dumped out, a Miele Red Velvet vacuum cleaner with a HEPA
certified filtration system for particulate matter followed up with chemical free steam
sterilization by a Ladybug XL  from Advanced Vapor Technologies. Air quality is maintained
through the use of Ionic Breeze GP Silent Air Purifiers from The Sharper Image.
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