Illusions... with a Twist
Taarna at 5 weeks from hatch date
Taarna at 5-weeks from hatch date
Taarna is a domestically bred female Ducorps Cockatoo (Cacatua ducorpsii) with a hatch
date of 8 March 2004 at Silver Mountain Aviaries in Wisconsin.  Her gender has been
confirmed by DNA testing.  She has the obligatory closed band on her leg and a
surgically implanted chip to assist in identification and recovery in the unlikely event that
she gets lost.

Taarna travels to and from performances in her Wingabago carrier made of medical
grade Lexan.  When not performing with Illusions With A Twist, Taarna can be found on
one of her two bottlebrush play gyms manufactured by Wayne's Parrot Stuff.  When no
one is home to supervise her, she can be found safely enclosed in her stainless steel
Kings Cage Napoleon Top #306.  At night she can be seen roosting in this cage, but only
if you pull aside her custom cage cover from Vann's of LA.

Keeping Taarna clean involves taking her into the shower on an as-needed basis.  
Keeping her bird gyms, Wingabago and cage clean involves the use of a Miele Red
Velvet vacuum cleaner with a HEPA certified filtration system for particulate matter
followed up with chemical free steam sterilization by a Ladybug XL from Advanced Vapor
Technologies. Air quality is maintained through the use of Ionic Breeze GP Silent Air
Purifiers from The Sharper Image.  
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