The Robot
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March 12, 2013
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side view of our robot
This is our 2011-2012
robot, the
TA11-M0CHA.  It just fits
within the 18-inch sizing
box required at FTC
It is made out of TETRIX
components as well as
many custom-cut parts of
aluminum and plastic.  It
also features a holonomic
Here is the back view of
our robot.  We used tank
treads to create a
racquetball harvester.  The
treads carry a ball up to the
top of the bot and release it
into a plastic chute.  The
chute can then be tipped to
release collected balls into
a basket.
This is the front of the
gripper assembly resting in
its lowest position.  It is
retracted into the robot in
this photo.  This is how we
keep it within the 18-inch
This is the front of the
maximum dimension
requirement.  The gripper
requirement.  The gripper
can be deployed outwards
to grab and stack crates.
Please allow time
for the video to the
left to load.
It shows our robot
autonomous mode.
The robot did very
well in autonomous
at our last qualifier
and at State.